Dracophyllum Flat Track Extension

Updated 7 August 2013

During the early part of 2013, Ground Effect took on a project to extend to the Drac' Flat Track (try saying that fast after a couple of cold ones) at Craigieburn Forest Park. The Craigieburn trails lie just an hour and a half (by car) west of Christchurch in the foothills of the Southern Alps. A blend of high country and beech forest singletrack, it is outrageously good mountain biking in a stunning location.

Over a weekend in March, a burly bunch of Ground Effect staff and customers gathered for the weekend. Forty of us crafted over 2km of fresh singletrack, sweated buckets, replenished with beer, spent a balmy Saturday night at Forest Lodge, ate too much lasagne, squeezed in some riding and had a generally exhausting time. The Craigieburn Trail network is pretty flash now with over 30km of continuous singletrack between Broken River Ski Field and Castle Hill Village.

Forest Lodge at Mt Cheeseman ski area was booked for the occasion. Thanks to Mt Cheeseman Ski Club for waiving the usual lodge fees. Ground Effect made a donation to the Waimakariri Environment and Recreation Committee's wasp control eradication project instead.

Our friends the Castle Hill Village Community Association obtained approval from the Department of Conservation to upgrade the existing track Drac Track and complete the link between the Hogs Back and the Sidle 73. The 'missing link' has since been nick named the Ground Hog trail. The riding is sensational. Check out the 'The Missing Link' video by Simon Waterhouse to get a taste of what awaits.

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