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Windproof and water resistant jacket
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Blast to the front of the peloton with this half jacket-half riding top. Vortex™ stretch fabric blocks drizzle and chilling winds without any flap. The full-length front zip and Foreplay™ arm vents let you fine tune your temperature on the fly. And the Turbine's Hazard! reflective trim helps you stand out like a dog's proverbials when scything through the traffic.

Zipped chest pocket for storing shades and tunes.
360° Hazard!™ reflectivity.
Foreplay™ arm vents - zip 'em down for additional cooling.
Rear security pocket and twin elasticised angle-pockets.
WhaleTail™ cut keeps your back covered.
Secret tube repair patch.
Weight: 250 gm.
Made by us in New Zealand.

Tell me about the fit of this garment.

> Performance cycle tops made from our Vortex fabric feature a body-hugging stretch fit. Deliberately cut high at the front and low at the back - to reduce excess fabric when leaning forward on the bike, and keep the overlap between your shorts and cycle top well covered.

Washing instructions?

> Avoid cold-water detergents and those with bleach. The cold-water varieties have little enzymes that are super-charged to brave the cold but can damage the Vortex fabric. Bleach may attack the laminate. Also avoid products containing fabric softeners, ie. wool wash. These destroy the water repellent finish.

> Select a mild plant-based soap like Ecover, Ecostore, Earthwise or Aware. A specific sport wash like Grangers Extreme Cleaner or Nikwax Tech Wash (around NZ$30 from most outdoor shops). Any stubborn stains should be dabbed not rubbed clean. For grease spots you can use a degreaser like Swarfega. It's aggressive stuff though so take care - it might be best left alone as added character.

> Try not to wash too often. General wear along with washing progressively removes the water repellent treatment from the outside the fabric. This treatment helps rain to bead and run off - and enhances the overall performance of the fabric. You can help restore it after a wash by chucking your jacket in the dryer using a warm (not hot) cycle. This 'recharges' the water repellent treatment so it lasts a bit longer. When this trick no longer does its magic you can beef up the original treatment to some extent with a product like Grangers Extreme Synthetics or Nikwax TX Direct (around NZ$30-40 from most outdoor shops). A bottle is good for two or three rounds with your jacket.

What's the difference between the Turbine and the Flash Gordon

> The Turbine is a windproof stretch riding top, with pockets on the rear for easy access, and a softshell interior that can be worn over a short sleeved jersey. The Flash Gordon is a 'hard' shell - its HydroFoil ripstop nylon outer providing a waterproof barrier, but not as much rain protection as the seam-sealed and hooded Storm Trooper. The Turbine's Vortex fabric is waterproof, but without sealed seams and zip flaps it'll only keep you fully dry for up to an hour in light rain.

> The Flash Gordon's ability to morph into a vest makes it a handy jacket for commuting or cycle touring, whereas the Turbine is wear-all-day to keep the chills at bay.

What is the difference between the Draft Dodger/Toasty Pie and the Turbine/Whirlwind?

> The Draft Dodger and Toasty Pie are made from Windfoil Fleece, which is a thicker fleece fabric with good thermal properties. The Draft Dodger and Toasty Pie are perfect for cold weather commuting and turning the occasional rain shower on the way to work or the cafe. The cut is more relaxed and the jacket is styled so you still look good around town.

> The Turbine and Whirlwind are made from Vortex fabric which is lighter and more stretchy and does not have as much loft to give thermal warmth. The Turbine and Whirlwind are built for speed with a close fitting cut, rear pockets to stash goodies and foreplay arm vents for cooling. The Turbine and Whirlwind are perfect for those who like to travel light and fast while going hard on the bike.