3 Peaks Enduro

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Dunedin - 30 November-1 December 2019

Ride Up, Race Down… Enduro racing combines the fun, social side of mountain biking with friends and the adrenalin and excitement of downhill racing.

Two race options  and an E-Bike category.

'The Classic' is 7 stages over 2 days, and riders will be in contention for prize money, medals and EWS qualification points.

'The Challenger' is 5 stages over 2 days - skipping the hardest course of each day. The hope is to encourage more people to get a taste of Enduro and see what all the hypes about! 

Race runs include the Pineapple track and Mt Cargill track - normally not allowed for mountain biking, so this is a very special opportunity to ride these tracks.

To help keep the day stress free, riders can start each race run in their own time, either chasing their friends, or leaving a gap of choice.



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