Doug Wisor Memorial Enduro

22 May 2013

Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park, Hawkes Bay - October 2021
The Doug Wisor Memorial Enduro has been going since about 2007, run on an oily rag by a Hawkes Bay MTB Club loyal member.


Now successfully enticing riders from outside the region to come and race, the event is starting to grow into something a little bigger than just a social local club event.
The event kicks off at 10am. 6 Enduro stages totalling 16.1km, thru the Mill + Replanted Blocks of Pan Pac Eskdale MTB Park, with shuttle uplifts between some of the stages, all run in a set order.

A ‘Fun Event’ category is available for the not so adventurous thru the 3 'easier' stages of 1, 4 + 6 (total 7.1km).

Course map will be released 3 weeks prior to the event.
Read all about it at and follow the club on Facebook.