Sam's EWS Diaries

42 min read

Sam Shaw has been off-shore and on-the-road-hunting down the Enduro World Series as a privateer. His regular despatches from the field are wrapped up with Round 7 in Spain and the final in Italy's Finale Ligure.

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NZ Enduro 2018 Photo Gallery

3 min read

The NZ Enduro bounced back from last year’s weather bomb to deliver a cracker weekend of fast and sunny singletrack around the Marlborough Sounds. Ground Effect Revolutionaries Anja McDonald and Sam Shaw scored podiums - Anja on the top step in the Amateur Women and Sam 2nd in the Pro Men behind the legendary Jerome Clementz. And Richard Goldsbury casually picked up 4th in the Masters Men.

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Dodzy Memorial Enduro 2018 Photo Gallery

4 min read

The Dodzy Memorial Enduro is an annual pilgrimage for many of NZ's top gravity riders. 
The 2018 edition was preceded by 'ex-tropical cyclone' Fehi smashing the Nelson coast. Saturday's practise was warm and the tracks dry(ish). Overnight rain made race-day a slippery affair.

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