Belmont Regional Park

Back in 2007 PNP - Port Nicholson Poneke Cycling Club received $1000 from Ground Effect's Slush Fund to purchase tools for track development in Wellington's Belmont Regional Park. Proven popularity of trails like Danzig meant a couple of DH trails were built to allow this trail to revert to being uphill only.

Fast forward to 2013 and the Belmont Area Mountain Bike Association BAMBA has been established to promote the interests of mountain bikers and other recreational users of the Belmont Regional Park (BRP). The Greater Wellington Regional Council have logged the Danzig pine forest and so dismantled many of the great trails built over the last 15 years. They have agreed to rebuild the popular 'Danzig climb' sand clear the debris from the 'Choppers' and 'Big Weta' descents. In the meantime BAMBA have finished a couple of trails outside the logging zone. Ground Effect met the $400 shortfall in funds to purchase some new tools for the job. And the 'Bull Run' should be finished this Spring.