Craters MTB Park 2015 - Taupo

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A storm wrecked havoc upon the Craters Mountain Bike Park in Taupo a couple of years back, and resulted in most of the Wairakei Forest in the park being felled. Bike Taupo has been working hard to get the park back up to speed, and seized the opportunity to redesign the area and look at new opportunities. The ‘Budda’ downhill track has been reinstated with the help of PD workers. It's now a grade 4/5 trail - lots of cool corners, berms and wooden structures, so suitable for those wanting a hard out down hill, but with 'chicken shoot' options for the jumps. Ground Effect came to the party with $1000 cash to pay for supervision of the PD workers. 

10 years ago the Ground Effect Slush Fund helped out with cash to build the 'Ground Effect Grinder' at Craters MTB Park in Wairakei Forest. Thanks Pete Masters from Bike Taupo for sending us the pics of the new updated 2015 signs.

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