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Helix.iso Filter Pack

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Seven replaceable woollen filters developed and made in New Zealand by Lanaco. Captures 80% of 0.3 micron particles yet allows for plenty of huffing and puffing during exercise. Fits most fabric masks, including the Paladin, and can easily be cut down to size. Note these are NOT N95 certified filters - they are NOT possible to return or exchange.

  • High particle capture of invisible health threatening particles.
  • Extremely low breathing resistance for comfort during exercise.
  • Made from all-natural fibres.
  • Fits most reusable fabric masks, and can easily be cut down to size.
  • This is NOT a N95 certified filter. 
  • As this is a hygiene related product it is not possible to return or exchange. 
  • Contaminated filters must be carefully removed and disposed of prior to washing the outer mask.
  • Made by Lanaco in Aotearoa | New Zealand.
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Filter Reviews:
    John W.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Epic fail, I’m afraid

    Love Ground Effect. Love their gear. Loved the idea of washable, NZ made mask with replaceable filters. Sadly, this one was a miss. Maybe I got one that slipped through; maybe my ears are abnormally far from my face, but this didn’t fit. The mask won’t cover my nose and my chin (my face honestly isn’t that big) and my ears stood out like Dumbo. Sadly, epic fail. Still love Ground Effect.

    Australia Australia

    Save Your Money

    Could not find instructions to fit filter to stretchy Paladin mask. I'm not smart enough to work it out. Mask is comfortable anyway.


    Ground Effect

    Hi Ross, thanks for your review of the Paladin Facemask and Filter set. The mask has two layers with entry at either end, next to the ear loops. It is just a matter of slipping the filter between the layers. The filter will require trimming to fit well. I hope this helps. Pedal on, Ernie