Black Diamond

Black Diamond Sprint

Azure Blue
Jet Black

Black Diamond's Sprint is an elegant, compact headlamp that weighs a nudge under 60 grams. Spot on for tucking in the top pocket of your pack or handlebar roll bag. Perfect for cooking and fossicking around the campsite or hut when exploring the back of beyond.

  • Single TriplePower LED with 225 lumens max output for freezing possums.
  • Full strength, dimming and strobe modes.
  • PowerTap technology for speedy adjustments to power output.
  • Burn time - around 40 hrs at low, 22 hrs at medium and 3 hrs at max power.
  • IPX4 water-resistant rating protects against wet weather.
  • Lithium Ion USB rechargeable battery.
  • Three-level battery level meter.
  • 3 hrs recharge time.
  • Weight: 56 grams.

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