Multi-Day Mountain Biking

Sasha weaves her spell on the Old Ghost Road. Photo: Odin Woods

Outskirts™ performance cycle clothing for women.

Big days and big country demand big attitude coupled with lightweight functional gear and smart decision making. Ground Effect Revolutionaries Sasha Smith and Ditte van der Muelen are prolific adventurers, both around Aotearoa's backyard and exotic destinations beyond. Ditte's partner Dave Mitchell is a prolific writer and photographer. Gain inspiration from her and Dave's latest adventures or trawl our long list of local Overnight Rides.

In addition, our blog is packed with Tech Tips to look after yourself and your bike in the back of beyond. Check out the Weight Watchers's Equipment Guide for tips on what to take, and what to leave behind.

Here's a smattering of kit for multi-day adventures. Head back up to the main menu for our full range of women's clothing, gear and accessories.
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