Digital Pressure Gauge

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Tubeless mountain bike tyre technology and wider rims demand precise inflation to optimise your rig for the terrain, conditions, your weight and attitude. Sneak this matchbox sized gauge in with your trail tools to get it spot-on every time.

  • Accurately reads up to 160 PSI.
  • Measure in PSI, kPa or Bar.
  • Fits both Presta and Schrader valves.
  • Beeps when a stable pressure reading attained. 
  • Auto-off power function.
  • Compact - 90 x 50mm.
  • Complete with CR2032 battery.
  • Weight: only 36 grams.
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    Lee W.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Digital Tyre Pressure

    Excellent. Quick and simple to use. Seems to be accurate.

    John W.
    New Zealand
    Easy to use

    Good tool. Easy to use. Good to have real information on the pressure in my tyres - 11 psi doesn’t feel that different to 18 psi. One negative is that it turns its self off too quickly, another 30 seconds or so would be good. John

    David J.
    Pressure gauge not up to the mark

    Sadly this is the first item I have bought from GE that I have not been happy with. I have a car tyre pressure gauge made by RVB which I bought maybe 30 years ago which is easy to use, intuitive and very reliable. Unfortunately it only works with Schrader valves. I was hoping to have a similar gauge for the Presta valves on my road bike. Unfortunately the BBB pressure guage was too difficult to use. The digital display was difficult to read and too often did not register the pressure without leaking a lot of air. The shape was also not ideal- the nozzle is too short and the body containing the display gets mixed up in the spokes.

    Ground Effect

    Hi there David. Thanks for your feedback. Yes, it's harder to use gauges and pumps on Presta valves because of their design. Please email and we'll sort something out for you. Pedal on, Ernie

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