Biomaxa Chain Lube


Naturally enhance your bicycle's performance with this all-weather multi-purpose chain lube. Whether on an epic road ride or plugging through mud, it will keep your chain whirring and purring. Made in New Zealand from lanolin, Biomaxa is 100% biodegradable and kind on our environment. No sheep jokes permitted.

▸ Features
  • On first application, it's really, really important to apply to a clean chain.
  • Apply the night before so the oil penetrates the links and sets into a waxy state.
  • Wipe off the excess the next morning.
  • Pedal hard.
  • Made in New Zealand from local sheep!

▸ It's vital to clean your chain thoroughly before applying Biomaxa for the 1st time.
  • Biomaxa goes on as a liquid and sets into a waxy state.
  • Use a mechanical chain cleaner and suitable cleaning solution before applying for the first time.
  • If your drivetrain is dirty, the muck will mix with the lube and set into a nasty wax that is extremely difficult to remove. Dirt in the drivetrain increases wear and it won't run as smoothly as a well cleaned, well lubed setup.
  • Apply the night before so the oil penetrates the links and sets into a waxy state.
  • Wipe off the excess the next morning.
▸ Tell me more about Biomaxa?
  • Lanolin is a wax which is extracted from shorn sheep’s wool in a process called scouring. Its natural qualities are ideal for lubrication, water repulsion, and it penetrates easily into the chain providing long lasting performance.
  • The multi-purpose cap design combines a precision nozzle with a chain guide cap. Wastage is minimised, giving you more value for money. The flat bottle’s compact size means it can easily be carried conveniently in a backpack pocket.
  • Biomaxa is New Zealand made. All Lanolin used in this product is sourced from NZ by local wool scouring companies. Not only is the product inside biodegradable, sustainable and naturally sourced, every part of the bottle can also be recycled.
  • Biomaxa is predominantly lanolin but contains some plant and mineral oil additives to make it suitable for mechanical lubrication purposes. Normal contact is not harmful, but prolonged skin contact may cause irritation. Wash with soap and water.
  • The lanolin formulation is safe on all materials including carbon. Biomaxa won't attack or degrade any of your bike parts.
▸ Biomaxa vs Teflon lubes?
  • Teflon lubes work great (especially in dry conditions) and are self-cleaning. We like that.
  • With Biomaxa you need to use a mechanical chain cleaner and suitable cleaning solution more often than when using a teflon lube. But on the flip side Biomaxa scores with two big ticks:
    • You will generally get a lot more riding between lubes - so your drive train remains sweet for longer.
    • And it's all natural - no mini oil slicks left in backcountry waterways while re-lubing.

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    Gerald d.
    Australia Australia

    Biomaxa - lube supreme!!

    This lanolin based lube is fantastic! My mechanic raves about it in terms of reducing wear. It lasts and is not dirty. Also comes off with Cirtus cleaner when you want to get back to a sparking chain and cluster. It’s a bit tricky to use out of the bottle, I decant it and apply with an artist's paint brush. Perfect!

    Grant N.
    New Zealand

    Good performance but don’t store in cold garage?

    I was very happy with the performance of the lube in all conditions and don’t mind the different smell. The applicator initially worked well, but after a while would get blocked. Eventually I needed to cut open the container, and what was still left was very thick. I assume the lube had separated and keeping it in a very cold garage over winter was the culprit. So maybe don’t store too cold and give it a shake before use. Will buy again (just need to reduce the number of part used lubes In my garage first).

    Jane M.
    New Zealand

    Great Chain Lube

    Have been using this product for a couple of years. Put on a clean chain, it lasts really well and is great for the environment as well.

    Tom F.
    New Zealand

    Good Stuff

    I think it's great. Goes on easily and stays on for a long time - in wet or dry conditions. My family don't like the smell of it when the bike is in the car. It is a bit sheepy.

    Josef V.

    Biomaxa Chain Lube

    It is good product and I am happy with my purchase.

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