Dual Pressure Pump

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This BBB pump combines high and low pressure options to cover both tyres and shocks on multi-day bikepacking adventures. Simpler, lighter and more compact than lugging around separate tyre and shock pumps.

  • Switch between high volume (tyres) and high pressure (shocks).
  • Aluminium barrel with composite end caps.
  • Flex hose easily fits both presta or schrader valves.
  • Pressure bleed valve to fine tune air delivery.
  • Precision 40mm analog gauge with a rubber housing.
  • Bottle cage mounted clip lets you attach to bike frame.
  • Max pressure: 300 psi/21 bar.
  • 240mm long.
  • Weight: 206 grams.

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    Richard G.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Versatility on the go

    Reassuring to know I dont need to take a seperate tyre pump and shock pump as I get my gear organised for the 2020 Tour Aotearoa

    Joe W.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    BBB Dual Pressure Pump

    This unit is nicely compact and appears well made. It does what it’s meant to, though as expected, is quite slow at fully inflating a MTB tyre. Pressure readings pretty much agree with my other inflation devices, so I assume the gauge is reasonably accurate. However, the gauge is a shock pump type, calibrated in 10psi steps up to 300psi, so reading tyre pressures to single digits requires some estimation. It won’t replace my workshop inflation methods, but definitely better than carrying seperate pumps when on trail.

    Craig B.
    New Zealand
    Best of both worlds

    Works well, is a little slow when filling big tyres (2.4"") and Is a little awkward to hold without hitting pressure release or covering the gauge but great to have in the backpack for on the trail adjustments

    Kel M.
    New Zealand
    Dual Pressure Pump

    Great little unit, compact and light so ideal for throwing in your gear bag for use on the trail. Can now do tyres and shocks with one pump. Love it.

    Clint H.
    New Zealand
    Nice gear

    A pump that does both shocks & tyres seems like a no brainer, especially for longer rides & this pump pulls it off fairly well. It looks to be well built & a good compromise between weight, size & ruggedness. The pump action doesn't feel super efficient for pumping up tyres but it does get the job done eventually. It works fine on shocks, although the flipside of the compact design is that the pressure gauge isn't huge so the scale isn't very finely graduated. Overall though it's a really handy bit of kit & good quality for the price.