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Fillmore Valve Set

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Hi flow, no clog valves for your tubeless tyres. The revolutionary Fillmore Valve lets you easily seat a new tyre and stops crusty-old sealant gumming up your valve core.

  • 3 x air flow when inflating compared to a traditional Presta valve makes seating tyres a snap.
  • No valve core eliminates clogging with old sealant.
  • Valve cap allows micro-adjustment to fine tune tyre pressure.
  • Coreless design lets you direct inject sealant without having to remove the valve core.
  • Fits rims 18 - 28 mm deep.
  • Weight: 12 grams pair.
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      John H.
      New Zealand

      Does what is says in the name

      Bought these for my gravel bike after a couple of rides where I had burped and required more air. Using a small volume pump just takes a lot of effort. I don’t carry CO2 as my experience as never been great. I did a bit of research first as I know that they do not fit the depth of some rims due to the depth of the thread. They would not fit my MTB. So far no problems. Super easy to seat tubeless at home with my big volume pump. Really easy to add and remove air by the side of the track but I haven’t had to reseat tires during a ride yet. They are a bit spendy but cost less than 4 pints of beer so why not.

      Richard A.
      Australia Australia

      Fillmore Valve Set

      The concept seems quite good but they take a bit of getting used to. The valve cap can be a bit fiddly to attach and it is harder to add sealant when the valve core can’t be removed. There is definitely higher airflow than a traditional Presta valve although it still took a bit of effort to seat my tubeless road tyres. Just don’t lose the valve cap.

      Paul S.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      Great valves, just needed slight adaption to reach through my rims

      First time I fitted these valves I thought I had wasted my money, the stems were too short so that the nut only just caught the first couple of turns on the threads. This meant that my pump just fitted, but my pressure gauge was too deep. ( bontrager rims on a 2021 Trek Fuel EX8 ) So I took them out and thought about it for a week, tried again the following week and realised the red wedge shaped seal was not going into my rim enough, so I replaced it with an O ring, allowing the stem to sit 5mm further into the rim. Been running them successfully ever since. I cut the top off of a plastic valve cap and stuck that onto the end of my tyre sealant syringe, as the tube that fitted inside a standard stem was too small to fit over these. So a bit of adaption needed to make them work, but I’m very happy with the result, I just hope I do not lose a cap as replacements do not seem to be available.

      Steve J.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      Great valves

      These valves are great. Easy installation and full flow makes pumping tyres up a lot easier

      A Ground Effect Customer
      Simon N.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      Fillmore valves – yay!

      For the first time ever I managed to get a new tyre up on the bead with just a floor pump, using one of these valves. No compressor – impressive. Neat little devices and amazing to think that the Presta valve has gone so long unchanged...