Hanmer Track Map

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Super-soft polyester microfibre reigns supreme when cleaning sunnies and googles, or wiping sweat from your brow. This beauty is printed with a map of the Hanmer Track network - making it easy to find yourself, or get deliberately lost. Not recommended for evacuating nasal congestion or polishing your carbon Nomad frame.

    • Full Hanmer trail network with mountain biking and walking tracks close to town on the A side.
    • B side details the wider area over to the Clarence river and beyond.
    • Supersoft polyester microfibre fabric.
    • 43 cm x 31 cm.
    • All Ground Effect clothing enjoys a warm 40ºC machine wash. Try to avoid cold-water detergents and those with bleach, 'oxygen whitener' or fabric softener.
      • The cold-water varieties have little enzymes that are super-charged to brave the cold but can damage technical fabrics and cause skin irritation. 
      • Bleach rots natural fibres like merino, strips the dye, attacks laminates of waterproof fabrics and can also cause skin irritation.
      • Sodium Percarbonate (the main ingredient in oxygen whitener) can make colours run.
      • Fabric softener and stuff containing it like wool wash destroys the water repellent finish on waterproof and water resistant fabrics, and can cause colours to run. 
    • As a rule of thumb, a product that is easy on the planet is also easy on your body. Select a mild plant-based soap like Ecover, Ecostore, Earthwise or Aware.
    • Hand washing is sometimes the only option on tour, but a washing machine rinses more thoroughly and is preferable if you have the choice.
    • Most Ground Effect gear dries super-fast so hanging on the line or drooping over the bedpost is generally the best option. High heat can damage some fabrics so if you do take your threads for a spin, set the device on 'medium' or 'warm' rather than hot. A lap in the dryer is recommended for your rain jacket, after it has dried on the line, as it helps recharge its water repellent finish. 


Made by: Ground Effect