Leakfix Repair Kit

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A spare tube is your first line of defence in case of an 'unplugable' puncture in your tubeless tyre. A stash of repair patches provides a backstop should the same tyre be wounded twice. These self-adhesive patches are faster, cleaner and easier to use than the conventional variety - and there's no risk of being caught out with an unusable tube of evaporated vulcanising glue at the bottom of your tool wrap.

  • Six self-adhesive tube repair patches.
  • Sandpaper to rough up your tube.
  • Tiny plastic container - 5cm x 4cm.
  • Weight: only 8 grams.
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      Rob H.
      New Zealand
      Leakfix Repair Kit

      It’s hard to review something I’ve not used yet, and actually hope not to use…but what I can say is that as usual, I had a rapid turn-around on my order and I’m impressed with the compactness of the repair kit. I suspect it will travel many km with me but remain hidden in the depths of my tool kit. It might just be a life-saver one day!

      Robert G.
      Australia Australia
      Repair Kit

      small but awesome have used over various years always handy and ready

      Alex A.
      New Zealand New Zealand
      Handy size

      Handy little pack to pop into saddle bag and have another line of defence when the spare tube gets another puncture. As usual quick delivery with my other order from Groundeffect

      Geoff B.
      New Zealand
      Leakfix Repair Kit

      Added this tiny repair kit into my Revelate Jerrycan bag with my tools & spare tube. Hopefully wont need to test these patches, but great to have them as a backup in the back blocks. Great not to require glue.

      Phil M.
      Leakfix repair kit. Neat & "neat"

      Small, simple to use. A clean, neat and effective package.As the product blurb says, no need for glue. Just prepare the site around the puncture, peel & stick. Great little pack & top value for about 5 bucks. I have one in my saddle bag for each of my bikes but they are so unobtrusive, you could carry them anywhere, in your pocket.