Lezyne SV10


A thing well made. The SV10 is a lightweight, low profile stainless steel tool with plenty of CNC machining to get you home while keeping the Style Police at bay.

▸ Features
  • CNC machined aluminium side plates.
  • Durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel bits.
  • Forged centre-pivot bits increase tool rigidity and improve ergonomics.
  • CNC machined aluminium chain breaker (9/10/11 speed).
  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm allen keys.
  • T25 and T30 torx bits.
  • Phillips screwdriver.
  • Dimensions: 48mm W x 63mm L x 20mm H.
  • Weight: 120 grams.

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    Joe Woollaston

    Cute, but...

    A nice little tool - elegant and light ...but, surprisingly, no flat blade screwdriver. It breaks chains OK but, as David M. has already mentioned, is not so good at joining them. It lacks the extra set of fins necessary for loosening the tight link, after driving in the pin. Maybe there’s another way to achieve this ...but otherwise, be sure to carry appropriate quick links.

    Ground Effect

    Hi Joe, thanks for your feedback. Just a note on quick links. You are advised to carry quick links these days, as the side plates on modern chains are too thin for an old fashioned fix without a quick link. Pedal on, Ernie

    David M.

    Great, but doesn't fix chains

    Great little tool for use while out riding. Has most of the bits you'll need for a quick repair. Just be aware that the chain tool is only a chain breaker, so you'll need to carry additional master links to repair a busted chain, don't find this out the hard way.

    Ground Effect

    Hi David. If you have enough length in your chain the tool definitely allows you to knit it back together. If you don't then having a quick link in your backpack is a good idea (+ it tends to be a quicker fix). Beware the link needs to be for the the correct 'speed'. Ernie

    Gerald h.

    The Lezyne SV10 wonder tool!

    A great companion for the family bike ride or some serious dirt. This is the tardis of tool sets, so small but so much there. Fits in the toolbar nicely and has everything you need engineered in a way that is great to look at and easy to use. The slip on cover is a nice finishing touch that ensures no snags. One of those things you have along with you that you hope to never need. An essential add to the Ground Effect goodies list.

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