Plugger Spares

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Replacement pack of 10 'sticky' plugs for your Blackburn Plugger Kit.

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      Sam P.
      Australia Australia
      Murphies law

      These pluggers have been excellent at completely protecting my bikes from punctures. In fact, since I bought them I have not suffered from a puncture! Needles say once I suffer from one that requires a plugger I will post again Touch wood

      Russ J.
      Blackburn Plugger Kit

      Bought the kit a few weeks ago, even though I haven't had a flat the sealant couldn't seal for years. First ride, you guessed it, a nasty 6mm hole ! Looked at it stupidly for a moment, stopped the leak with a finger & plugged it with the kit. All over red rover in 20 seconds. Dozen or so rides later, tire is still holding air. Happy camper.