Ratchet Set

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A nifty mini-ratchet set to supercharge your trackside or workshop tool kit. Includes 12 bits, a ratchet handle and extension - for accessing those hard to reach nuts 'n' bolts. The extension and handle also shape-shift into a T-bar when the task demands greater dexterity.

  • Full roll call of 1/4" bits included: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 mm allen key, T10, T20, T25 & T30 torx and PH1 Phillips head.
  • Heavy duty design lets you apply more grunt than a multi-tool.
  • Extension bar doubles as a T-handle.
  • Total weight incl wallet: 190 ;gm
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      Jack W.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      I subtracted a star (or perhaps a half) because I find the clockwise/anticlockwise lever fiddly.

      Greg C.
      New Zealand New Zealand
      Mini ratchet set

      Neat and tidy ratchet set with just about all the bits you need without the need of a major workshop. The case keeps everything in its place in a compact package.

      Finn M.
      New Zealand New Zealand
      Great tool, average bits

      The ratchet mechanism is great, the handles ability to lengthen or "T" together makes fitting tricky spots a breeze. If the bits were better I'd give it 5 stars, but they fit looser than others I have. So instead of worrying about rounding out a bolt on the trail, I swapped in some crisper fitting bits from the shed. Bonus with the 1/4" size of this tool means you can swap in any bits you need.

      Peter H.
      Australia Australia
      Light and precise

      This miniature ratchet set is beautifully made and so light that it might almost substitute for a multitool on your pocket or pannier. The size means that its easy to access most perts of the bike, and to makes a very satisfying sound!

      Mark V.
      Australia Australia
      Ratchet set

      reality is slightly smaller than i imagined, but will fit in daypack easily. The set works beautifully, and size is no restriction.