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Waterproof over boots with integrated LED rear lights for super visibility. They shed rain to ensure your shoes, socks and hooves stay warm 'n' dry.

  • Waterproof fabric with microfleece inner for added warmth.
  • Integrated LED red lights - visible for up to 500m.
  • Replaceable battery - CR2032 gives up to 240 hours run time.
  • Kevlar reinforced heel and toe.
  • Reflective YKK side zipper for easy access.
  • Wide velcro underfoot strap for increased durability.
  • Made for SealSkinz in China.
  • Weight: 210 gm

+How waterproof are these shoe covers?
  • The fabric is completely waterproof, but if you are riding in persistent and/or heavy rain - water will eventually run down your legs and gradually irrigate your socks.
  • So not bulletproof, but in those conditions they will still keep your feet warmer and dryer than naked shoes. 
+How durable are they?
  • Shoe covers are intended for riding not walking - so generally the domain of the tarmac rather than the backcountry.
  • Abrasion to the fabric on the underside of the shoe cover will dramatically shorten its life.
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    Keith A.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    They've been great for keeping the feet warm, I haven't had a chance to test in wet weather but I'd be pretty confident of there performance. Only minor quibble is in the lights turning on and off as you put them on. I'm wearing them with MTB shoes so it may be worth selecting the next size up if you're doing the same.

    Rob W.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Great for keeping your feet warm in winter

    Great for keeping your feet warm in winter and keeping most of the water out. If you are buying them for mountain bike style shoes you may need to go for the next size up as mine were a bit too tight.

    New Zealand New Zealand
    Sizing way off

    First up, I'm a Ground Effect fan boy, love the gear, love the attitude. That said, I can't recommend these shoe covers, and it's all down to the sizing. My shoe size dictated a medium, which when they arrived proved impossible to fit over my mtb shoes. Did an exchange (adds to the cost) for the large, which only just fit. I've used them now, so won't be returning for the extra large but that would have been a good idea in hind sight. I've had wet feet commuting as can't be bothered fighting the covers on. And probably related to the super tight fit, the lights on the heels are hopeless, randomly turning themselves on and off from the pressure. Can't rely on them for visibility even though they are really bright when on. Frustrating. Go extra large or don't bother.

    Ground Effect

    Hi there Miles, thanks for your review. Sorry to hear of your troubles. We got our sizing directly from Seal Skins originally and soon found that it was not accurate. We have now adjusted the sizing on our chart to be more accurate. I will call you shortly and get this sorted out for you. Pedal on, Ernie.

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