Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit Traveller 1 - Regular


Pint sized luxury for overnight epics, typically in huts or summer conditions. The Traveller 1's high-loft premium down occupies minimal space when stuffed in your backpack - while serving up a cosy night's kip in less-than-freezing temperatures.

▸ Features
  • 200 gms of 750 loft 90/10 premium duck down.
  • Depending on how hot or cold you sleep, it should keep you cosy and snoring softly at temperatures down to 5-10° C. Perfect year-round in a hut, or tent in warm summer conditions.
  • 'Ultra-Dry' treatment ensures down retains loft in damp conditions.
  • Slightly tapered with full length side zip that can be unzipped to form a duvet.
  • Open foot with drawcord closure for effective temperature control.
  • Lightweight ultra-Sil compression stuff sac.
  • Mesh storage cell and loose laundry bag.
  • Reversible shell with Charcoal and Ocean colour options. 
  • Regular (<183cm tall). 200gm fill, 420 gm weight, 1.6 litres compressed volume.
  • Pair with the Ultralight Insulated Sleeping Mat and Aeros Pillow for maximum sleep comfort.
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  Traveller 1 Regular  Traveller 1 Large Traveller 2 Regular  Traveller 2 Large
Fit < 183 cm < 198 cm < 183 cm < 198 cm
Fill Weight 200 gm 240 gm 350 gm 420 gm
Total Weight 420 gm 500 gm 645 gm 755 gm
Packed Volume 1.6 lt 1.9 lt 2.6 lt 3.6 lt

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    Anita B.
    New Zealand

    Sea to Summit Traveller Sleeping Bag

    Impressed with how this packs down to nothing, yet to try in cooler conditions but so far its been fantastic

    Robert P.
    New Zealand

    Super lightweight and compact sleeping bag

    This sleeping bag is everything you should expect if you've done a bit of research. It is very lightweight and packs down really small - you'll be the envy of all your companions who have bulkier gear. But of course this means that it doesn't have a great deal of down in it and so isn't suitable for cold nights. It doesn't have many of the usual sleeping bag features, I guess to save on weight (eg. no hood, no **** collar, no zip across the foot (a drawcord closure instead), and nothing fancy about how the down panels are arranged. If you are bikepacking and it is colder, then you can extend the comfort range of the bag by sleeping with your evening clothes on. I would have compromised a bit of weight and bulk for a bag which provided a bigger temperature range, but didn't find something suitable. I've only used it for one trip so far - the nights were warm and I was in huts so it was perfect!

    James T.
    New Zealand

    Sea to summit Travellar sleepingbag

    Excellent bag lite to carry,packs down small.ideal summer bag Would recommend

    Lucie U.
    New Zealand

    Great summer bag

    small, compact and light for your summer adventures, interesting feature is the bottom of the bag has a draw sting close instead of the zipper running all the way around. It's pretty cool as we figured out we could sleep head to toes in one bag with my 8yr old son and save even more space by carrying only one bag :-) you can also unzip the whole bag and use it as blanket.. Its light so I wouldn't take it tramping high into mountains while in tent but I expect it work well in the huts. So far we only used it while sleeping in the car...

    Andie R.
    New Zealand

    Perfect in every way

    Bought this sleeping bag for riding the Old Ghost Road over Easter, it was perfect, super small, weighs almost nothing, and kept me snug as a very warm bug in the ‘summer sleepout’ huts. Now need a matching one for hubby so we can zip them together!

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