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From Desert Craters to Jungle Vines

Jamie Nicoll and Anja Foley complete their three month overland Australian adventure - crossing of the Canning Stock Route and pedalling around Wolfe Creek Crater before circling back to Brisbane via the Kimberley and the Gibb River Road.

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Kiwi Beervet 4:23 – The Final-ish Chapter

Tony Hutcheson’s troublesome illegitimate Beervet returns to Central Otago with the usual antics and protagnists enjoying mixed weather, new-ish terrain and splendid southern hospitality.

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European Divide Tour

Hugh Malan regales us with his European Divide Tour, from south-west Spain to the far north-east of Norway, where he encountered an endless headwind, Santa's Village and swarming horseflies - not for the faint of heart.

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