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MSC Paparoa Track Video Guide

Just in time for summer the NZ Mountain Safety Council has put together another inspiring and informative video with a mountain bike ride-through the Paparoa Track. Starting from Blackball and heading to Punakaiki over 55 km of singletrack, the video outlines key facilities, typical conditions and sections of track to be aware of.

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From Desert Craters to Jungle Vines

Jamie Nicoll and Anja Foley complete their three month overland Australian adventure - crossing of the Canning Stock Route and pedalling around Wolfe Creek Crater before circling back to Brisbane via the Kimberley and the Gibb River Road.

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Kiwi Beervet 4:23 – The Final-ish Chapter

Tony Hutcheson’s troublesome illegitimate Beervet returns to Central Otago with the usual antics and protagnists enjoying mixed weather, new-ish terrain and splendid southern hospitality.

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