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Scott and Fanta factory-bound with a load of zips.

Arguably the most significant (almost) new thing on two wheels is the electric bike. In the short time they’ve been around, the technology has progressed at an eye watering rate. Only two years ago Steve (Ground Effect’s resident bike fondler) made the fiscally rational decision to retro fit a Bafung mid drive to an old Santa Cruz mountain bike that had been retired from active service. However, the project is not one he would entertain in the current climate - with so many seductively well-resolved designs on offer from almost all the leading bike brands.

In an over simplified view of the world, eBike designs typically sit on a spectrum with features that suit commuting at one end and mountain biking at the other - with a generous overlap in the centre that covers rail and cycle trails. Check out some selected wisdom on eBikes and eBiking here

And suss out our range of clothing, gear and accessories for e-commuting, charging the cycle trails or nailing singletrack.