FAQ | Design Features

  This state-of-art eXo™ skeletal pad delivers maximum performance for those who ride long and fast.

  Our Softail™ pad delivers supreme comfort for those gnarly long days in the saddle.

  Outskirts™ garments are designed specifically for women. Most Ground Effect designs are unisex… jackets, tights and baggy tops generally fit both men and women equally well. However, fitted garments like cycle shorts and some tops are more gender specific so you'll find a women’s version in the Outskirts™ women's range.

  Approved clobber for terrorising the city, cruising the highways or café surfing. Unfashion garments combine comfort on the bike with sharp looks for when you hit the pavement.

WhaleTail™  Ground Effect tops are cut with extra length in the back... and in the sleeves too. So when you stretch out in search of the perfect downhill position, neither your shirttail or sleeves will ride-up to expose your back or wrists to the elements.

Easy-Rider™  Stretch hip panels and Trim Tabs™ keep Ground Effect baggies hitched up. Intelligent design reduces surplus fabric for a smoother and therefore more comfortable interface between bum and saddle. There's also less risk of getting hooked up on technical trails.

HighRise™  A stretch lumbar panel and HighRise™ rear overlap with your cycle top to keep you covered. No bare skin or lewd exposure.

Hazard™ Night travel is a spooky experience. Many Ground Effect garments feature our Hazard™ reflective logo to help remind traffic that we're on the road too.

In case of emergency  Concealed in the seam of most Ground Effect garments is a puncture repair patch. You may never be caught flat again.


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