FAQ | How to Order

Ground Effect clothing and equipment is only available directly from Ground Effect. There are no agents, wholesalers or shops. You deal directly with the bods who actually design and manufacture the gear… and that lets you score great quality cycling stuff at outrageously sharp prices.

Ordering Options

  1. Cruise the products, clicking on the 'add to cart button' as you go. When you've finished shopping click the 'cart' button at the top of the page. Follow your nose to complete your order.
  2. By phone. We're generally around Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. Weekends are for biking so you'd be dead lucky to find anyone here then.

Currency, Payment and Local Taxes

Use the currency selector at the top of the page to display prices in your local currency. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, cheque, or titanium components. We use a secure server to safeguard your credit card details. 

If you live outside of New Zealand, your purchase will appear on your credit card statement in your local currency - converted by your bank from the original NZ dollar prices at the current exchange rate. 

You may have to pay local taxes or duties when the package arrives - Canada, the United Kingdom and continental Europe are particularly stroppy about collecting taxes. Ground Effect subsidises the shipping to help alleviate that. 

The USA has a NZ$1000 (US$800) order value tax threshold. So most parcels skip in under the radar.

Privacy and Security


We hang out in New Zealand. The contract for any purchases, and anything arising from that contract is subject solely to New Zealand law.