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About Us | Slush Fund

Since Adam rode a hard-tail, Ground Effect has provided foot soldiers and cold cash for the cycling revolution. Each year we hand out thousands of dollars from our 'Slush Fund' to help local track builders expand and maintain the mountain bike playground. And Ground Effect staff work with other advocates and land managers on local issues and national campaigns.

If your club has a worthy project that needs funds to make it real, bang a note to slushfund@groundeffect.co.nz. We seldom say no and we don't require you to jump through endless bureaucratic hoops so it's generally worth your while to flick us a brief proposal. As a guideline we feel good about supplementing public money and/or voluntary labour with cash to buy materials or hire equipment - which generally translates into handouts of $1000-$2000. We end up funding a lot of bridges and scrub cutters!

Ground Effect holds stock of IMBA's two excellent trail building books - 'Trail Solutions' and 'Natural Surface Tracks by Design'. If your club or organisation is involved in trail work, then talk to us about getting your hands on a copy. The NZ MTB Trail Design & Construction Guidelines is also a helpful document to specify new trails, especially when contracting third parties, working with land managers, and for auditing or maintaining existing trails.

Check out the latest on the various Slush Fund projects supported by Ground Effect.