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Cycle Trail

Ditte leafing through the poplars, Alexandra. Photo: Dave Mitchell

The New Zealand Cycle Trails serve up plenty of tasty options for lazy-hazy summer ‘rail-trail’ type cycle touring. The terrain is not too taxing on the easier graded trails - and it’s a joy to avoid jostling with traffic on-road. There are 22 options to pick off the menu - all comprehensively described on the NZ Cycle Trail website, the Great Rides Mobile App and in the Classic NZ Cycle Trails guide book.

Tackling a NZ Cycle Trail doesn’t necessitate a large investment in cycle specific gear or acquiring backcountry skills. Bikes can be rented. Food and accommodation purchased on route. And commercial options exist to cart your overnight gear.

However, there are a few must-haves if you’re embarking on your first cycle trail adventure. As always, prepare for the worst but expect perfect weather and ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ good times.

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