June 13, 2017


Colourful Cuba

Jillian Frater and Ground Effect Product Designer Fraser cart their bikes and teenage boys to Cuba for April sun and mojitos. Jillian recounts the colour and squalor of touring Castro's backyard, and provides a useful checklist for others heading to the Caribbean.


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June 01, 2017



It was playtime so Ditte and I headed down the road to the huge Rotorua Redwoods sandpit devouring Tuhoto Ariki and a bunch of connecting tracks to the end of Blue Lake. This was followed by a pilgrimage to Rainbow Mountain's gnarly singletrack uphill and awesome downhill to the Kerosene Creek hot springs.

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eBikes in National Parks?

eBikes are good. As a car-alternative for commuting, they lessen congestion and reduce our carbon footprint. They allow less-fit riders to ride rail and cycle trails that would otherwise be too tough, long or steep. Experienced mountain bikers can knock off longer distances and future (lighter) eBikes offer a tantalising alternative to traditional up-lifts like buses and chairlifts. There is plenty to be both excited and cautious about. However the Department of Conservation (DOC) caught many off guard recently with their proposal to allow 300 watt pedal-assist eBikes on 33km of new shared-use track in Tongariro National Park.


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The Heaphy

Mountain biking is now permitted from 1 May to 30 November.

The New Zealand Conservation Authority has approved an amendment to the Kahurangi National Park Management Plan allowing the longer seven-month mountain biking season that will run for the first time this year.

Find out more in the DOC Media release here.

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April 11, 2017


Yackandandah MTB Track Network

The Yackandandah MTB Track network in NE Victoria has named a 17.2km trail after us, the 'Ground Effect Loop'. The Slush Fund helped out with cash for trail maps, and supplied IMBA books so they could build a sustainable network of cross-country mtb trail.

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