Dolce Dolomiti

1 min read

Tony Hutcheson and his venerable Olympus recently banked an indulgent four weeks of European singletrack. Mid trip, he and Malcolm Stoney hooked up with Jamie Nicoll and Max Schumann for a week of gnarl, gnocchi and grappa in Val Gardena.
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Bivio - a Wee Swiss Gem

8 min read

Beyond St Moritz where all the beautiful people hang out and the bike shops are full of carbon and titanium shiny stuff, a lonely mountain pass (Julierpass) leads to the train-less settlement of Bivio.

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An Icelandic Rabbit Hole…

6 min read

Why go biking in Iceland? There are easier (and definitely warmer) places in the world and it's a long way from NZ. In 2014 we were thinking of rekindling our youth with an overseas bike trip in Europe, and then on the spur of the moment opted for Iceland. We had no idea what the cycling was actually like there, and certainly not of the rabbit hole this choice would take us down…
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