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Building The Pike29 Memorial Track

09 July 2020

Tom Woodward and his crew spent three years toiling in often extreme conditions  to construct the Pike29 Memorial Track as part of the newly minted DOC Paparoa Track. He has captured the story in a ripping short film that recently picked up a gong at the NZ Mountain Film Festival.

Much care was taken in the track design and build to minimise impact on the flora and terrain. The planned line was constantly tweaked to avoid unnecessary tree felling, while shrubs and saplings were removed from either side of the track ahead of Milty Coultas and his digger. They were then replanted once the track was formed. The result is a magnificent trail winding up through the forest from the Pike River Mine to the Moonlight Tops.

Note the Pike29 Track is not yet open, but the Paparoa Track is all on - although currently subject to some restrictions. Check out the Ground Effect Xmas Party video and Damian Stones' (somewhat drier) Paparoa Track video for a taste of this brilliant multiday trip.