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GB Divide Video

06 September 2022

Video: Pete Meffan

Conceived in 2019 for the GBDuro race, the GB Divide is a bikepacking route that runs the length of the UK. It runs from Lands End at the bottom of England to John o' Groats at the top of Scotland. 60% of the 2000 km is off-road, and there is nearly 30,000 m of (often very steep) climbing. The GB Divide's intention is take you through as many different National Parks as possible, with terrain that challenges even the most experienced riders.

The UK is a very population-dense island, however this route does its best to avoid towns and keep riders in the wilderness. There are long stretches with minimal opportunity for resupply ensuring a real sense of adventure throughout the trip.

Having watched professional riders test themselves to the limit on this course, I wanted to see how I would fare trying to get through the route over 2 weeks. It certainly was a challenge, and one I won’t forget in a hurry.

Here's my story in four parts.


Episode 1: Southern England

Episode 2: Wales

Episode 3: Northern England

Episode 4:

On its way - stay tuned.

Gear Review

With space and weight at a premium, a few carefully chosen clothing items had to cover the wide range of weather and conditions I encountered on the GB Divide. Check out my review of what clothing I took and why.