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Glow in the Dark

31 May 2003

A dozen of us from MOB (that's Beijing Mtbers) were out on one of those great rides that took (much) longer than we anticipated. We took forever to climb this particular hill and the road back was full of apple-sized gravel. One guy blew a set of shocks, the sun went down and it got cold. We were still miles from the bus.

This one Kiwi was wearing a bright yellow, make that neon, Ground Effect jacket. He had taken crap all day about its colour (it was a beautiful clear day with 100km visibility). But as we descended this steep hill in the fading light, he moved into the head of the pack, and glowed. He just lit up like a beacon - on the sharp corners I could look through each hairpin to see exactly where to go. We found the bus just on dark and everyone walked up to this poor guy, who we had harassed all day, and said "I WANT one of those". So please send me one of them Phantom jackets Ernie.

Thanks, Tim