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A Minties Moment on Mt Fyffe

01 December 1994

I'm fanging it down Mt Fyffe when I start having serious problems keeping my bike on track. It takes about 50 metres for me to realise that I've got a flat front tyre. No worries - I whip out my spare tube. Ahhh! It's a schrader valve and my pump is for a presta. My mate Rob comes thundering down. He stops. I explain the situation. He tosses me his pump and yells over his shoulder to make sure I pick him up if he punctures. I make to fit the tube and then realise that the valve won't fit the hole in my rim. I'm faced with a 30 minute walk back to the start ... I have no puncture repair kit with me ... except I'm wearing a pair of Daddy Long Legs (with additional foam shoved into them in case of any Ground impact Effect). True to the blurb I find the emergency repair patch. It's got just enough stick so I figure it might work without glue. Sure enough it does and keeps the tyre inflated to the finish.

Ian Friswell raves about the Mt Fyffe Downhill