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A Short Flight to A & E

31 May 1998

I bought a Slipstream top off you guys last year. Being greatly pleased with it, I wore it almost everywhere - until last Thursday. I was out for an evening ride with a mate. We'd just sweated uphill for 30 minutes and were heading down the road to link up with one of our favourite tracks. I rounded a corner to find this sheep lurking on the road. It was too late for evasive action. I hit the sheep and was catapulted into the air. My short flight finished abruptly as I hit the tarmac, and flipped on and off my back 3 times as I skidded down the road. I ended up in A&E nursing a broken collarbone and shoulder blade. My helmet was nicely cracked too. When I got home, I discovered my treasured Slipstream was intact although marked with a 3 inch wide "tar" racing stripe down the back. I figured you'd be chuffed to know that your gear survived tearing along the road at 50kph. Although the bummer is that I won't be able use either my much loved bike or top for a month or three.

Steve Howden