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A Mountain Biker's Ode

01 December 1998

We stopped at Waihaha to go for a ride,
locked up the car and over pumice did glide

Three hours of fun, we did go fast.
The trail was sweet, a jolly good blast.

We returned to find someone hadn't been kind,
they'd broken our window and robbed us blind

They had taken a lot, in fact all of it!
Our entire and stylish Ground Effect kit.

The Martinborough Chardy for a roll in the hay
was out of the car, whisked far far away.

They'd taken our clothes, our comfortable gear.
We were so mad we certainly did swear.

The only thing left, there all by itself
was our espresso machine lying on the parcel shelf.

We looked at each other, a small bit of luck
but they'd taken the coffee and burner...oh damn!

We packed up our bikes and brushed off the glass.
There was nothing to do but head for the pass.

Now the window was broke and the wind did roar in.
We were cursing and swearing and needing a gin.

We reached Hamil-vegas and visited Mum.
She's ever so good at filling our tum.

We discussed it at large and mad we were hopping,
but at least it meant that we could all go shopping!

We replaced some clothes and the CD player.
Just essentials you know, like the bread-maker.

The rest of our break wasn't nearly as taxing,
fine food, wine and friends. Very relaxing.

So our holiday break wasn't all to be lost
and all that is left is to count up the cost.

Helen & Jonny