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NZ Enduro 2019 Photo Gallery

12 March 2019

With the biennial influx of international pros here for the EWS, the 2019 NZ Enduro was guaranteed to be a high octane affair. And as happened two years ago, the weather gods did not treat the pros kindly with heavy rain on the first two days and low cloud thwarting the Wakamarina heli-uplift. 

Not that any of this diluted the big grins and general stoke over the weekend. With the chopper off the menu, organisers Sven and Anka Martin rolled out the 'contingency plan' at Jentree Mtb to widespread delight. There was a carnival vibe at the finish line with the stream crossing antics.

Ground Effect revolutionaries were there en masse. Anja McDonald notched up 3rd place amongst the pros. While Jamie Nicoll, Sam Shaw, Richard Goldsbury and Odin Woods returned sharp times in the mud, wet and slime. And we're all looking forward to next year's NZ Enduro already.

Registration and Day 1 - Whites Bay

Excitement, and calm before the storm, at Registration on Thursday afternoon with Anka handing out the schwag. Photos: Boris Beyer/NZ Enduro

A biblical deluge then cast down feral domestic pets. Photos: Boris Beyer & Digby Shaw/NZ Enduro

Sven delivers the race briefing. Photo: Digby Shaw/NZ Enduro

Slippery as. Photos: Digby Shaw/NZ Enduro

Anja steams into one of the short, hard, punchy climbs. Photo: Digby Shaw/NZ Enduro

Anja, Sam and Odin all chocolated up. Photos: Digby Shaw/NZ Enduro


Day 2 - Nydia Bay

The wet-weather theme continues at the start of Day 2. Photo: Boris Beyer/NZ Enduro

Odin tackles etc off camber roots.. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Sam in amongst the flora and rocks. Photo: Digby Shaw/NZ Enduro

Richie goes native. Photo: NZ Enduro

Day 3 - Jentree Mtb

And the sun returns. Sam near the top of Jentree. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Anja immersed at the creek crossing. Photo: Richard Goldsbury

Sam 3-ways. Photos: Tony Hutcheson

And Jamie front and back. Photos: NZ Enduro

Richie in the Silky Saw-Off. Photos: Boris Beyer/NZ Enduro and Richard Goldsbury

Ella Conolly, Ines Thoma and Anja all bubbles and smiles on the women's podium Photos: Digby Shaw/NZ Enduro