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Race-Day Gallery

17 January 2018

Our sponsored riders and their dedicated photographers generate many stunning race-day photos each season. Too many to publish, so we’ve created this gallery to showcase the ‘best of’ 2017 images from Odin Woods, Digby Shaw, Sven Martin, Gary Perkin, Max Schumann, Jo Wynn-Williams and Dom Blissett.

Anja McDonald charging last year's Dodzy Memorial Enduro. Photo: Sven Martin.

DME Organiser Nick Crocker works the angles in Rotorua's 2W Gravity Enduro. Photo: Digby Shaw.

Sam Shaw smokin' the Aspen round of the Enduro World Series. Photo: Sven Martin.

Sam on fire again at the EWS in Finale Ligure. Photo: Max Schumann.

Anja McDonald on a wheel and a prayer at Whites Bay. Photo: NZ Enduro.

Odin Woods working Whites Bay on his hardtail. Photo: NZ Enduro.

A master class in 'time out' from Jamie Nicoll during the NZ Enduro. Photos - Top: Max Schumann; Bottom: Gary Perkin.

Best of mates through rain and mud - Jamie Nicoll and Tristan Rawlence arrive in Kaiuma at the end of day two of the NZ Enduro. Photo: Jo Wynn-Williams. 

B-Rad keeps 'em big wheels rolling. Photo: NZ Enduro.

Nick Crocker caught in the cross hairs of Digby Shaw's lens in the Mammoth Enduro, Nelson.

Sasha Smith with all eyes on the road during the Mammoth. Photo: Digby Shaw.

Tristan Rawlence ponders the wisdom of wide bars during the Mammoth Enduro. Photo: Digby Shaw.

Kristen Fellers shows how it's done at the 'Girls on Dirt' Downhill Skills Clinic on Christchurch's Port Hills. Photo: Dom Blissett.

Richard Goldsbury all crossed-up and tongue-tied in the Craigieburn Backyard Enduro. Photo: Odin Woods.

Tony 'F8 and be there with your pearly whites' Hutcheson at the Backyard Enduro. Photo: Odin Woods.

Twin set frame, shoes, gloves and top. Jane Blissett backs style with speed at the Backyard Enduro. Photo: Dom Blissett.

 Chit chat and sweat during a Backyard Enduro liaison stage. Photo: Odin Woods.

Which came first - the kombi or the bike? The Ground Effect VW on tour with Jamie's Bronson. Photo: Gary Perkin.