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Summer Phat Snaps

19 February 2019

Images Tony Hutcheson, Digby Shaw, Matt Woods and the DME.

With the kiwi summer marching on at full volume and the event calendar half done ’n’ dusted we’ve complied a selection of hand-crafted photos from Jamie Nicoll’s Nomadic Weekend at the 440 Mtb Park and the Dodzy Memorial Enduro at Wairoa Gorge.

Nomadic Weekend - 440 Mtb Park

Jamie drops in on his Old School Bus. Photo: Tony Hutcheson.

Nomadic campsite. Photo: Tony Hutcheson.

Pre dinner nibbles. Photos: Tony Hutcheson.

Chris Burr and Brenda Clapp display alternative approaches to protection while preparing the Nomadic Feast. Photo: Tony Hutcheson.

Mtb talisman and incense for a safe campsite. Photo: Tony Hutcheson.

Sam Shaw arrives for food. Photo: Tony Hutcheson.

 Photos: Tony Hutcheson.

Sam chasing Jamie. Photos: Tony Hutcheson.

Air and there. Photos: Tony Hutcheson.

Robin and Ben collect airpoints... 

... and win matching Ground Effect rain jackets. Photos: Tony Hutcheson.

Jamie tosses the coin. Photo: Tony Hutcheson.

... and Tony wins the Santa Cruz Reserve wheel set.

Dodzy Memorial Enduro - Wairoa Gorge

DME cat-herder-in-chief Nick Crocker (at left) pauses for just a moment during registration. Photo: DME.

Anticipation and excitement on arrival at the Gorge. Photo: Matt Woods/DME.

Anja McDonald - techie and fast en route to 2nd place in the Pro-Elite Women. Photos: Digby Shaw/DME.

Mops Newell - on the ground, and in the air. Photos: Matt Woods/DME.

Sam Shaw all concentration with Wyn Masters looking on. Photo: Digby Shaw/DME.

Odin Woods in front of, rather than behind, the camera. Photo: Matt Woods/DME.

And likewise Richard Goldsbury steps away from the viewfinder and into the woods. Photo: Matt Woods/DME.

Tristan Rawlence heading for 4th place in the Masters Men. Photo: Matt Woods/DME.

Robin Pieper - 2nd place in the Senior 16-29 Women. Photo: Tony Hutcheson.

Post race wash down. Photo: Digby Shaw/DME.

Pro-Elite Women's podium (L to R): Cati Pearson, Rae Morrison and Anja McDonald. Photo: Tony Hutcheson.

The coin toss for the Juliana frame. Presented to super-happy Karolyne Dunn by Mike Stylianou. Photos: Digby Shaw/DME.

And it all runs like a swiss watch thanks to unbridled energy and enthusiasm of this Crew. Photo: Digby Shaw/DME.