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Where in the world...

26 September 2017

Words by Jamie Nicoll
Photos by Max Schumann, Jamie Nicoll and Antti-Pekka Laihi

Alaskan Journey

My five months away from New Zealand started with being watched by bears (and moose) in the Alaskan mountains, riding, campfires and tents.

European Alps

After some weeks of planning, research and riding in the French Alps, it was time for late night Italian dinners in my beloved and ancient Finale Ligure on the Mediterranean coast with the biggest bunch of international kiwi wedding goers and hard n’ fast riders I’ve ever seen.

Following the wedding I was chasing alpine cheese history in Switzerland's Valais Alps. This encompassed the longest night lying on a thin wooden floor just above a big ringing bell of a mothering cow, all after a wee 2000 meters of climbing over only 18 km in 10 hours.

Arctic Lights

Not even a week later I was in the Arctic Circle of Finland pursuing dreams of northern lights, getting half frozen in horizontal snow storms and sheltering on rainy nights in log cabins with the comfort of hot open fires burning. Yes maybe I am a little tired, but boy I am full of the great times this world and my bike give me!