Stromlo Forest Park

Prior to being razed by bush fires in 2003, Canberra's Stromlo Forest Park boasted some of the best and oldest Mtb tracks in Australia. Following the devastating fires, the local government committed over six million bucks to reforest and re-establish the area for a variety of recreational pursuits - including mountain biking. Canberra Off Road Cyclists (CORC) are co-ordinating the track building initiatives and successfully hosted both a UCI World Cup round in 2008 and the World Mtb Champs at Stromlo in September 2009. The initial push is for 45km of singletrack. The Ground Effect Slush Fund has helped with $1000 towards purchasing new tools for the track-building elves. If you're keen to be acquainted with the business end of a mattock then shuffle along to to get details of upcoming working bees.