Poulter Valley

The New Zealand Conservation Authority DOC recently approved MTB access up the Poulter Valley in Arthur's Pass National Park for an initial three-year trial period. The trip offers great scenery, some challenges and two good huts for an overnight excursion. The DOC ride guide has all you need to know.

Note: Arthur's Pass National Park is in the mountains. Bikers should take a topomap (Dampier L33) and check the weather forecast before venturing out. River-crossing skills are essential, especially if going beyond Casey Hut. For more safety information, have a read the of the latest news from DOC.

One main condition Follow the Mountain Bikers Code - in particular keep to the specified route. Exploring the bush track beyond Casey Hut, or areas beyond the Trust / Poulter Hut by bike could result in access being foreclosed. That would make you highly unpopular with the rest of us. Be considerate of trampers and others you meet in the valley, as many supported have this trial.