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Pemberton Mtb Park - WA

03 February 2018

The Pemberton Visitor Centre in the south west of WA has spent the last ten years building the Pemberton Mtb Park, some 30 kilometres of trail that caters for a range of riders. Each year 40 schools learn mountain biking in the park, staying at the Pemberton Camp School, a residential specialist mountain bike school.
The trails are located in the Karri forest which has loads of great looking trees but also lots of leaf drop, bark, sticks, limbs and trees falling. They clear the trails four times a year. In 2017 in need of a heavy duty leaf blower they put the call out to the Ground Effect Slush Fund, $1000 later the leaf blower was seeing some action.
The park has a band of trail fairies including locals, seven schools, and mountain biking clubs keeping the trails running, along with building new trail - an impressive 1400 hours of donated free labour is made some years.

Keep an eye on what the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park is up to via Facebook.