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Rotorua Trails Trust

19 October 2020

In 2019 the Ground Effect Slush Fund sponsored a box of battery powered tools for the Rotorua Trails Trust. One of the most useful items has been the battery powered chainsaw. When one of the old heavy duty saws broke this year the Trust approached the Slush Fund, and a $1200 donation has purchased a battery powered replacement. The new saw has proved to be spot on for 80% of their windfall clearing work. It’s a huge bonus not having to cart around a heavy 2 stroke saw, petrol and oil for the small jobs.

The Trust’s key project this year has been working on segments of Rotorua’s new 'Great Ride', in colab with Rotorua Lakes Council. The ride will be a 35 km Grade 2 loop of Whakarewarewa Forest. Along the trail there will be interpretation panels covering local iwi, forestry and recreation history. The intent is that the loop will encourage riders to explore the rest of the 180 km network of mtb trail inside the forest. The trail should be completed by the start of the 2020 summer.

Keep updated via www.rotoruatrailstrust.co.nz and Facebook.