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The Mountain Bikers' Code

01 February 2005

Good off-road etiquette is clearly in the best interests of mountain bikers both as a group and as individuals - reducing track wear 'n' tear, bypassing damage to yourself or others, maintaining good humour amongst various user groups, and continued access to appropriate shared-use tracks like the Queen Charlotte and the Heaphy. 

Along with track builders and land managers around the country, Mountain Bike NZ and the Department of Conservation have produced the Mountain Bikers' Code. It's all obvious stuff but few of us are not guilty of occasionally letting exuberance prevail over common sense. Regular reminders can only help. 

So if you're a track builder, land manager, club web master, newsletter editor or some other 'influential', please spread the word. The new 'n' improved formula is more universally applicable across different track types and regions, and is presented in varying levels of detail for use on trailhead signs, ride guides, newsletters and web sites. 

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