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MSC Paparoa Track Video Guide

05 December 2023

Paparoa Track - 55km one way | Grade 4 Mountain Biking

The Paparoa Track is a shared-use Great Walk and mountain biking trail that travels through the Paparoa Range, alpine tops and thriving rainforests in the Paparoa National Park. To safely complete this track there are a few things to know before you go. The NZ Mountain Safety Council in collaboration with Ngāti Waewae and the Department of Conservation has put together an informative video showing a mountain bike ride-through of the track starting from Blackball and heading to Punakaiki, outlining the key facilities, typical conditions and sections of track to be aware of.

In February 2024, the Pike29 Memorial Track will open, connecting the Paparoa Track Great Walk and mountain biking trail to the Pike River valley. The new track has been created in partnership between DOC, Ngāti Waewae and the families of the 29 men who died as a result of the Pike River mine disaster in November 2010. The mine site and surrounding area has become part of the Paparoa National Park.

The Mountain Safety Council has loads of resources online to plan a safe and successful NZ adventure. Check out the Old Ghost Road Video Guide realised earlier this year.

You can catch a glimpse the Ground Effect crew's trip back in 2019 on the Paparoa in the article Paparoa Xmas Party & Video.