FAQ | Recycling

Courier and Airmail Satchels

Soft plastic is bad for our oceans and waterways. Supermarket shopping bags are the main culprit but courier satchels are also guilty.

Bio degradable plastic seems like a good idea but it disintegrates into small pieces that are eaten by birds and marine life. Plant based compostable plastics are better but require a controlled environment to rot away. That is currently only available for industrial, not consumer, applications.

So for now, the best option is to recycle. And it’s easy. Just bundle and deposit in the soft plastic recycling bin at your local supermarket. The bags are not stock piled. They are reprocessed and used to manufacture durable outdoor products like park benches and carpark wheel stops.

Learn more at Recycling Kiwi in NZ or RedCycle in Australia

Roll Packaging

Ground Effect products have no swing tags and minimal packaging. Most are simply wrapped in a cardboard roll or enclosed in a cardboard sleeve. Both can be recycled via your kerbside bin.