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Mākara Peak Enduro

10 January 2021

Mākara Peak Bike Park, Wellington - December 2024

The Mākara Peak Enduro is part of the 2024 Wellington Enduro Series.

Not just for the everyday man.
15% more fruit and veges (or maybe not).
Heaps more road (or maybe not).
Hux-cuts for the rich/poor (or maybe not).
But 100% definitely certifiably more HUX #huxlife.
With all your usual accoutrements - Lipkis intermediate category, with 3/4 grade 4 or lower tracks, and Huxton-hard, with 5 or 6 grade 4+ tracks.
3 hours to do your thing and make it back to Muds.
And all for a very back-pocket friendly price (TBC), but around $35 or so.