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19 March 2015

  • Farewell, Farewell Spit. Photo: Grant Stirling
  • The morning coffee break at Ground Effect. Photo: Arthur Smithers Private Collection
  • Rocky red road. Damian rides Wairoa Gorge, Nelson. Photo: Caleb Smith
  • Don’t fence me in. Ollie crosses over, Sydney. Photo: Joshua Nicholson
  • Made by us in New Zealand. Photo: Jo Wynn-Williams
  • A rolling Scott gathers no moss. Mt Oxford. Photo: Caleb Smith
  • Damian does manual labour. Photo: Grant Stirling
  • Katie caught on No Mans Land Pass between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Photo: Jared Mitchell
  • The abominable Laurence snapped at speed . Photo: Caleb Smith
  • Richard, Chris and Rex dig deep at the slush fund work party, St Arnaud. Photo: Dave Mitchell
  • Room with a view in Kyrgyzstan. Photo: Jared Mitchell
  • Damian extends the cyclists advantage. Nelson, NZ. Photo: Grant Stirling
  • Raewyn pips Mark on the inside line. Photo: Grant Stirling
  • A fine balance. Katie on tour. Xinjiang Province, China. Photo: Jared Mitchell
  • Mint! Raewyn carves up Nelson. Photo: Grant Stirling
  • It’s all downhill from here. Ditte on Kirwans Reward. Photo: Dave Mitchell
  • “I think I can, I know I can.” Ditte on the St Marys Range. Photo: Dave Mitchell
  • Airtime at the Firepit, Ngatimoti. Photo: Stew Thorp
  • Dominic takes the road least travelled. Lees Valley. Photo: Odin Woods
  • Laurence exits stage left. Photo: Caleb Smith
  • Hunting the Lorax. Photo: Grant Stirling