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24 August 2017

  • Damian Stones points south at Marfells Beach. Photo: Grant Stirling
  • Ollie Whalley leads out in his merino strip. Photo: Jim Buda
  • Dom Blisset messes with the Sumner Esplanade. Photo: Odin Woods
  • Richard Goldsbury all grins and green above Lyttelton. Photo: Tony Hutcheson
  • Portage across the Hokianga during the inaugural Tour Aotearoa. Photo: Sven Martin
  • Jamie Nicoll's post race face. Photo: Riley Seebeck
  • CX dual with Scott and Mike Styliano. Photo: Matt Feely
  • Matt on the Tour Aotearoa. Photo: Tim Bardsley-Smith
  • Ground Effect staff trip. Enroute to Barn Bay, South Westland. Photo: Scott Emmens
  • Town and around with Damian Stones. Photo: Grant Stirling
  • Miles upon miles on the Tour Aotearoa. Photo: Tim Bardsley-Smith
  • Sasha Smith all concentration and concern on her way to the podium. Photo: Sven Martin
  • Jo and Cherie knee deep on their way to Barn Bay. Photo: Scott Emmens