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Padded Purse

01 February 2006

Just a quick note to tell you about the Daddy Long Legs (very cosy) and Padded Cell I recently purchased from you guys. I inadvertently came to use the Padded Cell for purposes it was, I'm quite sure, not intended. It has yet to see the greasy smudges and cold hard metal of my bike tools as, shock horror - I've found it to be a 'jim dandy' jewellery case. The little slots and pockets fit any number of treasures, whilst the netted fabric is perfect for holding earrings with their backs on, or the hanging type. Best of all is the reflective Ground Effect label that glows – making its presence known in the black hole that masquerades as the bottom of my handbag. I realise that using your product in this manner is ordinarily an offence punishable by the Style Police. Perhaps some Hail Marys are in order. I now need to order another Padded Cell for my trusty tools - as this one seems destined to not escape my purse.

Marilyn Northcotte, Wellington